One in four women in Bulgaria is a victim of domestic violence. In the last five years, dozens of women have been killed by a domestic partner or a family member. In some cases, they were being tortured to their death for the duration of an hour and their neighbors were fully aware but did not interfere.

Beat. explores the ominous silence surrounding domestic violence. The interactive installation is a prompt to a society that reacts to any loud noise, as long as it is not caused by a domestic dispute or abuse.

Beat. is on the border between private and public, and asks questions – where does personal comfort end and civil responsibility begin, and when does inaction become complicity.

Beat. is a project by Maksim Stoimenov (drummer) and Peruna Keremidchieva (programmer), co-authored by women who have suffered domestic violence, and in partnership with the global platform for socially engaged art Fine Acts.

Beat. Beat. is the winner of the first edition Fine Acts Labs – unique events that explore the intersection of human rights, art and technology.

Beat. The project is implemented with the financial support of the